Who should purchase the material?
When we formulate a quote, the quote will include all paint and materials. If you would prefer to buy the paint, we can arrange to have that done. Just let us know!
Who moves furniture?
We’ll do all the heavy lifting! We just ask that small items on tabletops, counters, mantles, etc. are removed and replaced by the Home Owner. That includes paintings on the walls. We do not move Pianos or other fragile items.
What do I do with my pets?
In most cases we manage just fine with pets in the home while we’re painting. However, there are times pets need to be removed for the duration of the paint job. It is advisable that concerns regarding any pets in the home are addressed in advance of the start day so logistics could be worked out.
When the painters are done each day, will my house be left clean?
We cleanup at the end of each day and always make sure to leave our materials in a small area, covered up and out of the way. There are times when a room may be left setup to avoid moving and re-covering items the next day. But we will always make a room clean if need be (i.e. Kitchen)
What happens if we discover problems outside before painting like wood rot or water damage that might require repair?
We can deal with all minor carpentry repairs.
Can you give me a quote over the phone?
We prefer to see all jobs no matter how small before we give any quotes
What are payment options?
Cheque or cash only
What brand of paints do you use?
Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Para